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Tried meditation and gave up?
Three ways our innovative meditation program is different

  • Simple, effective pre-meditation techniques to calm the mind
  • Sea of Tranquility meditation
  • Advanced Spiritual Living insights that reveals common myths


Welcome to Profound Mystical Meditation.
Your gateway to a balanced spiritually guided lifestyle

Profound Mystical Meditation offers a unique Meditation In Action program that is practical and easy to use. It combines a simple Sea Of Tranquility technique and Advanced Lifestyle Methods to reduce stress, improve personal relationships, and attract greater success.

Through this process you will:

  • regain purpose in your life,
  • unlock your innate spiritual sensitivity,
  • be more aware of your higher self,
  • enjoy life and your relationships more.

Watch our Relaxation Video Below and rediscover your passion for living. Reduce any discouragement in your life.

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Relaxation Video
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Relaxation Video

Watch this video whenever you need a little "pick me up." It will help you overcome negativity and any depression you may have due to life's challenges.

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Professional Spiritual Services Training
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Professional Spiritual Services Training

Fulfill your dream of helping people improve their lives and find answers. Training for Spiritual Educators, Consultants, and Healers.

Study Materials - Reading
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Study Materials - Reading

Multimedia books, meditation booklets, spoken audio will help you maintain a positive oasis of a positive attitude.

What people are saying


"The greatest iniquity of life, is that we have been mis-informed as to our true nature and not taught how to live our True Life Purpose. There are answers, but it requires the courage to trust our Inner Feelings that may not be logical." Roger Ringo, Educator & Consultant
"Profound Mystical Meditation does a very nice job at explaining spirituality that anyone can understand." R. Martinek, Healthy Living Expo - Minneapolis, MN
"I just wanted to thank Diana Ringo for the Sea of Tranquility meditation training she presented. Already unbelievable results! The negative and oppressive energy is something that I have been dealing with for years until today when I have felt a shift. This will no longer be a issue for me. I was shown where and how this was able to affect me and truly believe I will be free from this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. " Sheila, IA